"Want to get coffee?" 
"It’s midnight."

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You and me, naked and stoned in the desert… just think about it.

Boys are disappointing. 

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Wow this movie is poppin!


Caitlyn and I passed these kids in the car that were jammin hella hard and when we rolled down the window they were just listening to the classical station it was iconic I wanna be their friends

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pinkiller-: HO MA GASH, how long did you wait till peter and darby came out after the show? I AM SO JEALOUS also your outfit was totes cute at the show.

Well. I waited for like 15minutes by the stage and then they came out to get their equipment and talked to people briefly. Then I asked Darby if I could get a picture with him and he came out and we talked and then Peter came it and it was beautiful. Darby complimented my purse and said it was creepy and we talked about our weird collections. I died. *~*